Okay. So it’s later than we think.

I started my first blog in 2002, when Patricia Hodge (some of you need to refer to her as ‘Dame’) totally ignored me at John Lewis’s in Oxford Street. It had to be reported. LOL. But on reflection I might have made too big an entrance. A gentle nod of acknowledgment might have been ok, while she admired the counter-awesome carpets. Clearly she did not feel very flirty on the day!

Then I started another one in 2003, just to take piss out of Saddam Hussein. Remember him? It’s quite possible he never read any of it! But there were funny stories there daily, about Blofeld’s cat (is it ok to say ‘pussy’ now), about doing 142 mph in my (then) new turbo in 1989 registration number F85PYH (which someone found me from, having rescued it from a scrap heap and was reconditioning!), tributes like Terry Lloyd who covered my shenanigans at Abbey Road when George Harrison died in 2001 and was killed in Iraq. That blog went on until 2006, and then I had better things to do.

So, this is No 3. Welcome to the weird world of Hiran. Everything I do will be broadcast to the universe. What I’m doing, who I’m doing, who is doing me, where I’m doing, how I’m doing, and announce when I’m done etc.

In the meantime, I leave you with Ramjam Presley.

I’ll be back.